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Inclusive, body-neutral movement to calm the nervous system and improve proprioception, helping to reduce aches and pains from improper posture and/or movement patterns. This series includes 5 continuously-moving gifs, each showing 4 variations of 1 move for a total of 20 moves. Includes written form and breath cues for each move, additional safety information related to pelvic positioning, and general do's and don'ts. 


The first version of each move is modified and uses no resistance; the second version increases the challenge and may use the body as resistance; the third version includes added resistance; the fourth version is a compound move with added resistance. Primary equipment used is a bench or chair, light to medium resistance bands (or therabands), and an option for dumbbells of choice.


If purchasing individually, the order I’d recommend is: deep core, posture, full body, lower body, upper body.


COMING SOON: Unmasking the Fundamentals of Anti-Diet, Body-Neutral Health and Fitness with a full mix-and-match toolkit that includes individual gifs for each of these moves - and so much more.

Upper Body - Progressive Fundamental Movement to Build Stability & Mobility

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