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Have you tried to start a workout program only to end up too sore to move for days afterward?


Does struggling through a “beginner” workout do more harm than good to your overall feelings toward structured movement – and yourself?


Do you end almost every structured movement session thinking “this was not made for me”?


If so, you’re far from alone. The truth is most of us are unknowingly set up to fail from the start.


Often by the time we are feeling courageous and prepared enough to begin a new routine, we want to jump in and give it everything we’ve got.


And look – this is great – but the problem is it’s easy to start at a higher intensity than we can physically handle, which is validated by so many programs marketed toward “beginners” without any nuance as to what the word “beginner” truly means.


When I began my fitness journey, I didn’t know what I didn’t know and injured myself.

This is the program and information I wish I had back when I was starting...


What’s Included in Each Series

  • 4 variations of 5 targeted moves = 20 moves per series
    • 100 moves total for all 5 series
  • 20 plain gifs total - 1 of each move without any form cues (1:1 ratio)
  • 25 detailed gifs total - 1 of each move with form cues plus 1 compilation gif for each move showing all 4 variations (9:16 portrait ratio)
  • 25 detailed mp4s - same as the detailed gifs but mp4 format so you can create your own timed workout in free software, etc. (9:16 portrait ratio)
  • The Fundamentals of Spinal Alignment and Stability
    • Included as an added safety measure; please review before beginning the series. Form cues used throughout moves (like “engaged core”) are detailed here.
  • Sequencing Suggestion
  • Safety Do’s and Do Not’s
  • Safety Tips for Hyper-mobility

Posture: Movement for Daily Strength and Stability

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