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Understanding pelvic positioning and core stability for spinal safety and pain reduction during daily tasks and intentional movement.


Includes how-to’s with visuals and form cues for engaging the core, diaphragm breathing, connecting breath with movement, engaging the shoulders, and engaging the glutes.


27 pages total


The pages included are:

  • Pelvic alignment basics for safety

  • Neutral pelvis

    • information & context in daily life, form

  • Anterior pelvis

    • information & context in daily life, form

  • Posterior tilt -

    information & context in daily life, form

  • Adjusting pelvic alignment to neutral

  • Correction of pelvic tilts - suggested muscle groups

  • Breathing, core engagement, and safe movement

  • Muscles

    • muscle tidbits

    • deep core/spinal stabilizers

  • Diaphragm breathing

  • Engaging the core and pelvic floor

  • Active diaphragm breathing (moving with breath)

  • Engaging the glutes

  • Engaging the shoulders

Fundamentals of Spinal Alignment and Stability

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