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One of the more common things I’m asked about is pelvic alignment - or pelvic tilts - since this is a common cause of things like chronic low back pain.


The purpose of this infokit is to provide basic pelvic alignment information for daily life, using pelvic tilts intentionally, and additional information you can take to begin applying based on your bautie’s needs.


The pages included are:

  • Pelvic alignment basics for safety

  • Neutral pelvis - information & context in daily life

  • Neutral pelvis - form

  • Anterior pelvis - information & context in daily life

  • Anterior pelvis - form

  • Posterior tilt - information & context in daily life

  • Posterior tilt - form

  • Adjusting pelvic alignment to neutral

  • Diaphragm breathing

  • Engaging the core

  • Moving with breath

  • Correction of pelvic tilts - suggested muscle groups

Fundamentals of Pelvic Alignment

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