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“My body doesn’t like people my brain thought it did.”


This line from a piece I wrote about unmasking stuck out to many people. Since, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how to “listen to your body,” which is no surprise given how many of us have not only spent a lot of time dissociating from physical and emotional discomfort to survive, but also struggle with interoception and literally sensing/identifying what’s going on and how we feel.


Another issue for some, especially those with a tendency to intellectualize feelings (the need to identify and rationally understand feelings to work through them and let them go), is an inability to connect feelings to emotions.


Feelings and emotions can evoke similar and different sensations in our bodies. Often we do one of two things:

  • We try to identify the feeling first without considering or being aware of the physiological component; or
  • We try to figure out the feelings behind why the body is doing what it’s doing before addressing the physiological need.
    • This is especially difficult when we don’t know what we’re feeling, what triggered it, or how it all connects; it’s a bit like trying to start at the finish line.


The purpose of Bautie Awareness is:

  • to provide you with background information about:
    • the physiological stress response and how it may manifest in the body;
    • the somatic nervous system and tension release
  • provide a 5-wheel “system” to help with identifying your personal stress response and patterns
  • provide additional prompts to explore further
    • 16 words with their own page to build on/add to over time
      • example: “How ANGER feels in my body”
    • 12 additional prompts to use for continued exploration
  • 50 blank pages to say whatever you want

Total length 126 pages


What you get:

  • PDF of full system and journal
    • Link to google sheet with over 100 additional words that can be used to personalize your wheels
    • Outside links to muscles referenced 
  • Individual images for each of the 5 wheels
  • 2 blank wheels - 1 of each of the 2 designs in the system

Bautie Awareness

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Hard Copies available on Amazon

    • Includes preview
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