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This 15-minute routine is developed to increase thoracic mobility, a key issue for folks with rounded shoulders (takes one to know one!), but can be adjusted to work for your bautie and schedule.


I’ve included a bit of stability and hip work because

✨bautie mechanics✨ but this is primarily focused on mobilizing the thoracic spine.


The file includes 18 moves (plus 4 bonus alternative moves) as continuously moving gifs with form cues. It also comes with a link to a downloadable google sheet that includes suggested times for each move ranging from 30-60 seconds each - everything you need for maximum mix-and-matching.



No up and down here - that’s a waste of time and adds an unnecessary challenge to anyone with blood pressure/heart/joint issues.


  • We’ll start seated for 1 move and then will hit the floor and go supine (on our backs) for a bit.


  • We’ll progress by flipping over and doing some prone work on our stomachs.


  • And we’ll end with just a little bit of standing movement to round out the posterior chain.



The only equipment used aside from a chair/bench/ottoman is a strap and a foam roller. If you don’t have a foam roller, just skip that single move. Things that work instead of a yoga strap are a robe belt and extension cord - get creative.

15-Minute Mix-and-Match Shoulder Mobility

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