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Structured Stimming with a Side of Autonomy

The last couple of weeks have been very... out-of-the-norm for me. I've had to transition a lot more than usual recently, which is a massive struggle for me. Blame it on the monotropism. Anyway.

One of the things that always helps me feel semi-grounded in these situations in my structured stimming. It helps with the pent up energy, but I also use sessions to calm my nervous system (something I'll get into another time), and give me some sort of continuity that I desperately crave.


Here is what I did; I'm not giving a number of reps or anything because this is about what feels good and everyone's bautie is different.


An explanation of Monday's workout is here:

The Bautie Sochanics blog has the written explanations and links to gifs of each move.


I usually do the same sessions for a few weeks, so this will be week 2. Anyone going to give these a try?

Next week, I'll do the same explanations with the biceps, triceps, and leg adductors session posted here.

Let me know if you find these helpful.


Stay regulated,



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