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Radical Authenticity

Updated: Mar 13

For a while, I was known online for the vulnerable and highly specific things I would share; however, as the account grew, I felt less safe doing so.

A lot has happened this past year between reprocessing and life continuing to be flipped upside down.... I thought I would just be healing old wounds, not finding new ones.

Since there's a lot I won't talk about publicly these days, I've used writing as my primary outlet.

This book, which really started as my journal to process, dream, and self-regulate, is where I put this energy instead... and now I'm sharing it with you.

As much as people know about me, I have lived many lives no one knows anything about... and those lives contain a lot of trauma... trauma and situations that are seemingly cyclical.

This book has been one of the ways I have dealt with it all, so there may be things are actually TOO specific because this is essentially my journal, but if nothing else, I want to normalize a full range of emotions - and the fact that we never know what's going on with people beyond what we see.

It's raw, it's vulnerable, it's angry, it's cathartic... it's a piece of my soul that I'm extremely proud of.


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