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The one where I make some changes – again… because what’s the point if I’m not walking the walk?

The last few months have been particularly rough; it’s negatively impacting every facet of my well-being so I’m going to take the advice I’d give myself, which is to pivot for survival - meaning a lot less free time for content.

I’m going to be taking a step back from this site and social media. The site will always be the “hub,” the social media accounts will remain, and I’ll still post content, but not in the same capacity I have been.

The one exception with the site is the Bautie Sochanics blog, which I will be continuing. If you’re subscribed, that’s not going anywhere and will be my priority in terms of blogging exclusively



I’ll be pivoting my other writing efforts to Medium, which you can check out if you’re interested:

  • I’m just now in the process of getting this going, so not much there yet, but this is where the sauce is going to be made moving forward. Ew.

If you'd like to subscribe to read my (free) posts over there:

To learn more about how Medium works:


Deets and Teets Newsletter

I also plan to continue the weekly newsletter so if you’re not subscribed to updates from Medium, you’ll still get the weekly newsletter where I’ll share posts you may have missed, etc.


1:1 Coaching

As part of this, I’m also transitioning back to coaching where possible. If you’re interested in virtual 1:1 coaching (stress management, personal movement plans, nutrition guidance, etc.), please send me an email ( and let me know so I can follow up with you directly.

I’m both a personal trainer and health coach; I think most understand what personal trainers are certified for, but here is some information about certified health coaches:

What does a health coach do?

What is a board-certified health coach?

Board certified programs (I’m an ACE-CHC):!biz/id/6094513a8bc7a508f05179c3

(NOTE: Some language may be triggering. I am firmly anti-diet, anti-BMI and will never discuss those topics unless requested. I also employ more appropriate alternative methods like DBT distress tolerance strategies rather than CBT which rarely works for ND brains.)


Exciting Things Coming

I also have something very exciting in the works that I’m finishing up.

PDA will not give many more details, but I anticipate having it completed before Halloween.

Thank you for being here and I hope to continue providing valuable and/or relatable information.

Stay regulated,


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