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The Lesser Healed Version of Me...

People used to tell me I'm mean, but in hindsight, I was just being honest about the way they treat me and who they are.

Here's a little cathartic honesty I recently wrote about fake friends.


The Lesser Healed

"The lesser healed version of me

Would seek retribution for everyone else to see

Verbally slicing you open, exposing the facade

Fake smiles pointing to an empty fraud

Build your audience with ego-fueled false niceties

Perhaps you assumed the same of my authenticity

But I was there for you…

I thought we were friends

Shared my dreams and insecurities

Then used them against me

But no, we’ll pretend

It’s all just coincidence

And how fkg dare I

Create emotional distance

From prying eyes spewing lies

Surreptitiously working for my demise

My effort was authentic

But I don’t like being used

I don’t like passive-aggressive tactics

Mean girls masquerading as advocates

Do you know how much restraint it takes to let you think you’re fooling me?

To let you think I don’t see?

Stop trying to exploit invisible disabilities

Little unhealed attention-seeking babies

The lesser healed version of me wouldn’t walk away

She’d make a scene, but see that’s the thing

It’s just really sad to me, honestly

The lack of originality and creativity

Desperate to mimic me

Remember sweetie, inspiration is flattery

But imitation is fkry

So as they say, keep your eyes on the prize

That must be why you’re always one step behind

Keep watching my back and throwing your crap

In front of me as if that’ll destroy my path

But you see, energy never really dies

Your hate fuels me because I alchemize

All your hate into power

So please, keep going

Thank you; should I pay you by the hour?

The reality is, I’m just trying to exist

And help others along the way

But really, what are you doing?

Besides giving us all a bad name

Here’s some free advice

Get out of the echo chamber

Go touch some grass

Target the person in the mirror instead of hunting your neighbors"


Stay regulated,


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