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New Feature: RESOURCES Page

In true AUDHD fashion, I entered hyper-focus mode yesterday and got this page done - something that's been on my list for awhile and I'm glad it's ready for use.

I split the page between three primary sections:

  1. Self-diagnosis and related resources/assessments

  2. Professional diagnosis and related resources

  3. Additional resources (disability, employment, EDS/hEDS/HSD)

You can check out the new RESOURCES page HERE

As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please email me via the contact button on the main menu navigation. I really just look at this as a starting point for us.

I'm also thinking of adding a mutual aid and services trade page for members-only (as a layer of privacy). If you're interested in being listed for either/both, please make sure you're a site member by logging in or creating an account and then send me a message though the site so I can track that separately.

Once I have an idea of interest, I'll figure out the best way to gather the info from folks for the site page (Google forms, etc.).

Stay regulated,



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