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My Uniquely Unoriginal Life: The "Ohhh... I'm AUDHD..." Edition

Updated: Mar 13

Updated March 13, 2024

Sometimes our best intentions are a real miss - and this was one of them. I'm proud of this book and what I created, but as I've been eliminating PDA from as much of my content as possible, I could no longer sell this book in good conscience. Even though I make it clear that these are my experiences and it is not diagnostic, I have to take accountability for now knowing there is misinformation. There's too much PDA wrapped into it for me to keep the book.

If you purchased a copy, I appreciate you more than you know and hope you can forgive me for misunderstanding PDA. I will be posting something lengthy about this soon, and will come back here to update with a link to that post.

Thank you for your support,




I wrote a book.

Well, wrote over an extended period and then curated and compiled said book, but... I WROTE A BOOK!

I've wanted to do this for awhile and I honestly don't know, but something took over me the other day and I just... did it.

So, I present to you, My Uniquely Unoriginal Life: The "Ohhh... I'm AUDHD..." Edition.

I'll be honest, I've put everything into getting this done and I have little left to talk about it right now, BUT, the images included from the introduction pretty much covers it.

You may have already seen me posting about this on TikTok... I've wanted to wait until all of the versions were available to make this post, but the Kindle version is a much bigger issue than I had anticipated and I'm in a lot of physical pain from being on the computer so much the last few weeks... I'm at the mercy of those physical limits right now. BUT I'll update this post with that link once it's available.

For now, the interactive PDF is exclusively available here on the site and the paperback is available on Amazon.

All versions have the bonus resources: roughly 20 each therapy questions and unmasking journal prompts.

Discount codes for the site will work on the version here; I can't do anything about codes on Amazon, but hopefully they'll do deals and whatnot from time to time... no idea how that works. I guess we'll find out...

Anyway, as one last aside, this book feels like skimming the surface. It's much of the beginning part of my journey and doesn't include as many tools and resources as I plan to offer in the future... and I'll still be doing creative writing, too. So many things that PDA will not disclose for fear of immediately ruining the chance of it getting done.

Stay regulated,



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