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Moving my Bautie is a Middle Finger to Social Norms & Expectations

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Every time I move my body for me - not to fulfill some expectation or fit into some mold - literally or figuratively - I'm giving a giant middle finger to the patriarchy, white supremacy, and every other oppressive system that uses discipline, restriction, self-hate, and internalized shame as a form of control.

So, four reasons I move my body that have nothing to do with the way it looks...

  1. Boosts creativity

  2. Helps regulate stress hormones like cortisol

  3. Improves proprioception and interoception

  4. Increases my nervous system’s window of tolerance

The ability to better connect to my internal matters *so much more* than anything else.

We’ve been robbed of the joy of movement by being forced to focus on how it impacts the outside rather than the inside; it really ticks me off. I know what it difference it has made for me - internally - and my goal is to help as many people as possible take advantage of some form of movement, however “big” or “small”, because everyone deserves this.

*hops off soap box*

P.S. I did a fk-around and feel-it-out movement session yesterday where I just do what feels good for 30 minutes and 1) it felt sooooo good; 2) PDA and ADHD love this novelty and lack of structure within a structured time block; and 3) when I'm moving just based on how I feel, I realize things - like my hips were tighter than I thought which then reminded me that I'm probably doing the thing where I arch my low back when I'm hyper-focused on work at my desk, which I then kept reminding myself to adjust yesterday throughout the day to reduce that tension moving forward. The connections are everything <3

Stay regulated,



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