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Journaling With Interoception Issues

You know how people are like "oh, just journal your feelings!" and you're like, "ma'am, I have no idea WHAT I'm feeling.." and then you just sort of give up?

Or when journal prompts actually feel like work and PDA is like "that's nice and all, but I'm not going to do that mmkay..."

Yeah, me too.

Well, might I suggest something I've started doing that's been incredibly cathartic? It doesn't have the most aesthtic name, but... I call it "Journal Diarrhea".

I grab my journal and just start doodling. Words, images, scribbles.... whatever my head and hand want to do. Often, I'll eventually start forming more cohesive thoughts as I go and I end up getting out what I needed to, but sometimes it's just a jumbled mess and that still feels so good.

I don't know... there's something about feeling like I've extracted it from my head as a result of being able to see it all on the paper in front of me - even if the message doesn't "make sense".

Hope this is helpful.

Stay regulated,



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