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I'm the One

Updated: Sep 20

Another piece I've written about being the opposite of the good-time friend.

Can you relate?


I’m not the charming friend.

I’m not the ray of sunshine; the light pick-me-up in the middle of your day.

I’m a tool.

I’m the one who provides value like the discount store you hate to need.

I’m the one who helps you caulk the holes others leave behind.

I’m the one who understand the things no one else understands.

I’m the one who empathizes with the things others invalidate.

I’m the one who allows you to feel seen and valued for who you are - nothing more, nothing less.

I’m the boost you need when you need it.

But when that boost isn’t needed, neither am I.

And so I’m not the one you think of when having a good time because you don’t see me as the fun friend.

I’m the one who feels like sadness when you’re on top because you only come around when you feel like you’re on the bottom.

But what you don’t realize is that I haven’t been waiting there for you.

I’m the one who was continuously meeting you where you were to help you up.

I’m the one who always makes that trek for you – so you feel seen heard and valued - the way I wish I were.

I’m the one you forgot to look down to check on once you were done with me; if you had, you’d see that I don’t live down there either.

I’m the one who makes the trip for you.


Someday I'd like to be the good-time friend.

Stay regulated,


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