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Demand Avoidance Reframe

I've avoided the idea of "reframing" for awhile... I know part of this is the association I have between that term and cognitive behavioral therapy, but I recently took a step back and.... reframed what reframing means.

Instead of using reframes to "should" myself into things like I used to - using them to dissociate and conquer - I am using them to help me get stuff done in a way that is accommodating and feels good rather than feeling like I'm pushing myself.

That said, I recently shared a simple reframe I've been using on TikTok and it seemed to resonate with people, so I wanted to share it here, as well.

I've started thinking of cleaning as taking care of things that annoy me instead... check out the short video if you want to see the rest.

Okay, going to take care of some sht that's annoying me.

Stay regulated,


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