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Are you also an AUDHD Goldilocks?

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

I was thinking this morning about how, often the same sensory things that overstimulate me also help with under-stimulation...

Being sensory-seeking and sensory-avoidant has made finding balance difficult as I’ve been trying to figure it how to best accommodate myself.

Taking light for example: I am avoidant of bright light; I have to be because it’s painful, but I need calming yet stimulating light to help me relax and/or concentrate. I’ve found that different colored and moving lights provide stimulation for my brain that helps calm me since my brain is always looking for more and more stimulation even when it’s exhausted.

This has played out in real time by starting my day with the curtains open, enjoying the sunrise and closing it up after about an hour and transitioning to lighting that has the level of visual stimulation i need to get things done or relax - whatever the case may be

Anyway, my black and white thinking still struggles with this so I thought I would share in case anyone else finds this helpful.

Stay regulated,



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