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Ana Bahibek Filistine

It’s taken me some time to get here.

I’m going to keep this brief; my only goals are to be clear about where I stand and provide a few resources.

The global “situation” is personal to me; it has been for a very long time.

I’ve been triggered by what I’m seeing... it's not what that's triggering, but that it’s taken so long for people to care. Not individual people, but as a collective.

I’m also simultaneously overwhelmed by the amount of support… they’ve been waiting a very long time for this level of outrage.

I’ve been crying tears of joy that they’re being seen, and tears of devastation for what they’ve endured for so, so long, and what's happening right now.

Like so many of us, there's just been so much to process this week.

There are a lot of things in flux and I certainly don't have all of the information, so my best suggestions for staying awake and involved are:

  • Search the free Palestine hashtag on the clock app to get relevant information

  • If you’re looking to dig in a different way, you can start here*:

  • I’ve also seen that there are boycotts for McDonalds and Starbucks

  • Urge your members of congress to stop the government's support of genocide

  • Last, reposting Palestinian and anti-zionist voices on social media to keep eyes on what's happening

I'm not going to make any videos about this specifically - not because I don't care, but because I’ve been involved in this for years and don’t feel like there’s anything I have to say that needs to be heard above first-hand voices; I am going to continue to watch and amplify.

With a very heavy heart,


*information and opinions expressed are those of the respective websites


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