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Accommodating Myself: Function over Form

This is probably the only context in which you'll hear me say this.

One of the most impactful accommodations I’ve made for myself after know I’m autistic-adhd is to set things up the way they function for me, not for aesthetics or how it “should be.”

And that changes based on what’s going on in my life. I remember the first time I took down my full dining table to make more room… I felt like I “should” leave it up for so long but the reality was, I never had anyone over to eat (well, over in general). And I didn’t need a big dining table to myself. It was in the way. Overstimulating.

It’s now in storage.

I had planned to take it easy yesterday because my coat hanger pain was really bad, but I’ve also got so many things planned over the next few weeks and was thinking about logistics. I’m going to be filming a lot more and I thought about how much time and frustration I could save by just having a room that was always ready to film…. which is not realistic for me unless I give up my office - which is exactly what I did.

I moved the desk out of the office and rearranged elsewhere so it’ll all fit. I pointed my chaise the opposite direction of the sunrise which seems to make little sense, but now I can enjoy the light dancing on walls across from me rather than along my face.

And now I have a room that’ll eventually be setup and ready to film when I need it. When I’m done with the projects up my sleeve, maybe I’ll put it back the way it was. But for now, no, it doesn’t look like it makes sense to others and it seems like a silly use of space, but that silly use of space is going to save me SO MUCH time and frustration down the line. Hopefully lol.

So this is your reminder that it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you.

Stay regulated,



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