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Absorb It All

I spontaneously decided to post a piece of writing that's part of a larger project...

This is me penguin pebbling with my vulnerability. And giving sneak peaks.



TW: Childhood cPTSD/RSD

Part of unpacking my trauma has been understanding how I went from hyper-verbal to… not. Because nothing ever changed in my head.

Then I started to remember things like...

When I was 5, a safe person “jokingly” shoved a paper towel in my mouth because I was excitedly “talking too much”

When I was about 7, a safe person loudly told me to “shut up” when I was excitedly “talking too much”

I learned to stop talking so much, which was devastating since it was a main form of regulation for me.

Anyway, this piece was inspired by this part of my journey.


Stay regulated,


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