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15-Minute Mix-and-Match Shoulder Mobility Routine is HERE!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Easy on the joints; developed with hyper-mobile bauties in mind

UPDATED Sept. 27, 2023

The TikTok Series video is live; you can check out the trailer below, which will also give a better idea of the program here on the site, which are GIFS instead of the single video.


I have so many moves filmed and nearly ready for gifs... an example of one of the many things I started but never fully finished pre-diagnosis/Autistic burnout/etc... until now.

I'm finally making this all happen and am so excited to keep rolling things out... and just wait for the new stuff I've got up my sleeve!

A little background

My initial idea two years ago was to create various programs and series that are safe, effective, accommodating, accessible, and most importantly, include actual "beginner" work that I so rarely see outside of paying for expensive Pilates, personal training and/or physical therapy sessions*.

I also wanted to develop series and sessions that can be done in a specific order for folks who like or need that kind of structure, but can also be mixed and matched to make movement work for you and for how you're feeling that day. This kind of informed flexibility is especially convenient for those with *demand avoidance* but necessary for those with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities because how we feel and what our bodies need can vary widely each day.

About this Program

Since many of us struggle with our shoulders being literal pain in the necks (I had to), I wanted to take a bunch of these moves I've got stashed and put them together for you to create a flexible 15-minute routine to help increase thoracic mobility, which is one of the key components to correcting and alleviating rounded shoulders (kyphosis). Due to the nature of body mechanics and mobility, to increase thoracic mobility, we'll also be stretching the chest and giving a little attention to the hips and glutes to round it out.

You can find more details on the product page, and I'll be uploading a trailer and some additional images once those are done.

Oh, and this is on sale through September 30th!

Also don't forget, if you're on the email list, you've received a code that can be used on a digital product order; as always, there's 20% off for first orders with the new customer code: NEWFRIEND20.

If you prefer a single video routine with minimal cues that you can audibly follow, I'll be offering that on TikTok Series ($7.99), which will hopefully be up early next week. I hope this is helpful and stay tuned for more... what do you think is on deck?!

Until next time...

Stay regulated,


*I am not a physical therapist and this is not replacement FOR physical therapy; however, I am adamant about the efficacy of corrective exercise, which has a lot of crossover with PT work, but seems to be largely missing in programs outside of expensive options.


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