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My name is Shauna,

[said in flat effect].


Also known as Shaunaudhd or maybeitsmemaybeitsaudhd on TikTok.


I’m an anti-BMI ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach with a mental health counseling education background*. I also recently discovered at the age of 40 that I'm autistic-ADHD and hypermobile. 


I'm a certified coach and trainer who personally understands how harmful many coaching techniques can be since they're often rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I'm here to help you prioritize your health and wellbeing - your overall quality of life - with information and advice that recognizes very real barriers like executive dysfunction, sensory issues, rigid thinking, health anxiety, and socioeconomic health disparities. 

My knowledge, training, education, and life experience have culminated into what is now my life's mission: helping others understand their brains and bauties to truly reduce stress, explore everyday accommodations, and shamelessly unmask in a world that wasn't built for healing.

* I am not a mental health professional; I am one class shy of a masters in mental health counseling (a story for a different day) so I possess a basic understanding of the medical model of mental health care, etc.

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The Technical Stuff



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Current Continuing Education Completed for the Cycle

I'm required to complete a total of 2.0 credits - or 20 hours - per cycle.

Course credits represent 1/10 so 0.1 continuing education credit is 1 hr - or 60 minutes - of real time, totaling 2.0 CECs per cycle, equivalent to 20 hours

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Available Movement Programs

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